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Turnkey System Design, Installation, Startup, Training, Service and Maintenance


- CMAXX - Dust & Fume Collector

Designed to be the strongest, safest, & most efficient dust & fume collector in the industry, it offers unique features found in no other dust collector. With powerful DELT MAXX PRIME filters, the CMAXX features improved filter life, better pulse cleaning, & higher efficiency.

  • CrownTech domed roof for weather resistance

  • Lift rails designed for easy and safe filter changes

  • No external bolt holes to prevent rust or leaks

  • Industrial powder coating for wear-resistant surface

  • Vertical filter arrangement for improved filter function

  • Angled inlet baffles to protect filters

  • Available In-Line Deflagration Arrestor (IDA) function

  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

  • Heavy duty construction, extra durable doors and latches

- BRF - Baghouse Dust Collector

BRF-MP was designed to handle the toughest applications. Its robust cleaning system is designed to run 24/7 with little annual maintenance. Its medium pressure rotary-action cleaning system insures maximum performance with 9.5PSI continuous back pulse per filter. The BRF-MP is a timed cleaning system that utilizes a mechanical mechanism to insure that the system only pulses directly into a row of bags. The BRF has a tool-free man door to access the filters for easy tool-free change out.


The BRF baghouse performs above industry standards in many applications, including:

  • Grain Handling and Processing

  • Woodworking

  • Recycling

  • Seed and Feed Handling and Processing

  • Aggregate Materials

  • Silica Dust

- Cyclone - High Efficiency & Standard Cyclones

- Rhino Drum

The Rhino Drum is a third party tested & NFPA approved product for passive explosion isolation. IN explosion testing, the Rhino Drum handled up to 7PSI. It meets the NFPA 69 & 654 Standards as a passive explosion isolation device. It replaces a standard airlock & collection drum located at the dust discharge point. The Rhino Drum features a drum dolly, heavy-duty drum, grounding wire, tool-free sliding coupler, & a slide gate featuring an improved aluminum handle.


- Central Vacuum Systems
- Central Vacuum Wet Collectors
- Portable Vacuum Systems

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- Fume Arms
- Portable & Mobile Units
- Mist Collectors
- Vehicle Exhaust Systems



- Cartridge Filters
- Bag Filters
- HEPA Filters
- Pre/Panel Filters
- Media (Nano Fiber, Spun Bond, Fire Retardant, etc)

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